Sovana is an enchanting town in the Tufo area, one of the most fascinating villages in the area


The origins of the town of Sovana are very ancient, the town was built in the Etruscan era and

it became a thriving city in Roman times.

Over the centuries, Sovana has experienced various dominations, the Aldbrandeschi family, the family

Orsini, the Republic of Siena and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, obviously before its annexation

to the Kingdom of Italy.

The village of Sovana is also famous for having given birth, in medieval times to a

important character “Ildebrando di Suana”, better known in the news as Pope Gregory VII.

There are many monuments and ancient buildings that you will have the opportunity to admire in Sovana, nel

specific we remember:

– Cathedral of the Saints Peter and Paul

– Church of Santa Maria Maggiore

– Church of San Mamiliano

– Palazzo dell’Archivio

– Palazzo Vescovile

– Palazzo Pretorio

– Loggia del Capitano

– Palazzo Bourbon del Monte

– Archeological area

– Rocca Aldobrandesca