Waking up in the morning is hard, there are many appointments of the day and a good start is important!

A good breakfast is just what you need and Susanna knows it… ..

Good morning friends, I’m Susanna, this morning, like every morning I got up early and I kneaded, floured, turned, baked and baked a lot of delicacies: cakes, biscuits, pastries, I prepared, poured milk, coffee, fruit juice and , can you smell this?

They are the brioches in the oven, I run to remove them and then I bring the yogurt and the cornflakes to the table, do you still want something?

Oh I forgot butter, jam and rusks… .. ready!

But not only sweet … I also prepared delicious toast and sandwiches stuffed with meats and cheeses (oh I forgot, I also prepare the bread!)

Now only you are missing …

If any of you are celiac, from this year I have enriched my recipe book with desserts suitable for you.

Let me know a few days before and I assure you that you will have nothing to envy to others.